[Samba] Re: Official Samba builds for Ubuntu?

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Sun Jan 27 18:09:45 GMT 2008

Quoting Michael Lueck (mlueck at lueckdatasystems.com):
> Frank Gruman wrote:
>> I believe Ubuntu has builds of Samba available through their
>> repositories. 
> Yes of course that is the way to get the official distro release.
> Ubuntu, like Debian, only issue security patches to their packages after a certain distro is released.
> I am fishing for a place to get the latest Samba versions specifically compiled / packaged for a version if Ubuntu instead of the former method.

Upstream (ie the Samba team) has, IIRC, the project of keeping up with
the maintenance of packages provided on samba.org for up-to-date Samba
versions for Debian and Ubuntu stable releases (I guess, for Ubuntu,
only for long-term support releases).

Last time I saw discussion about this, Jerry Carter was in duty of
this...but he's obviously busy with release management.

We (Deiban/Ubuntu maintainers) hope to continue the work on Debian
packages so that they are more and more easy to build on our stable
releases. Actually, they are already, but some changes we do in our
package may not be suitable with the point of view of the Samba Team
(mostly file locations).

Deeper discussions with Jerry (next SambaXP, Jerry, if you read me?) 
could help in having all this converging and make the work of
producing packages for Debian/Ubuntu easier for the Samba Team.

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