[Samba] file differences when copying files to linux, using samba

Douglas VanLeuven roamdad at sonic.net
Sun Jan 27 17:44:12 GMT 2008

jeffunit wrote:
> At 01:03 AM 1/27/2008, Linda W wrote:
>> jeffunit wrote:
>>> I ran my python program locally on the linux system, and it reported
>>> that roughly
>>> 100 md5sums for files differed.
>>> Any ideas how to track down this problem
>> ---
>>         Could it be a code-page conversion issue?
> I am not sure, but I think that involves translating language encoding
> from one form to another. I hope that neither samba nor windows explorer
> does that silently.
>>         Have you tried copying the file over with "cp" from
>> windows to your server? (cp from 'cygwin')?
> No, but I will try that today.
>>         Have you tried comparing some of the differing files and
>> looking for a pattern?
> Yes. I wrote a modified version of cmp that tries to list all byte
> differences.
> I was looking at an iso image of some linux distribution.
> There were three bytes that differed, and if I recall correctly,
> they were all one bit differences.
I would think one bit differences should be picked up by the TCP
transport layer.

You probably have Rx checksum offload on the receiving box.  You could
try turning that off and recopying to see if the error persists.  Could
be a bad card.

Seems unlikely the Tx sender could send an incorrect checksum unless the
buffer memory flipped a bit before checksum computation which seems
ruled out by the ECC.  Still, I'm a believer in memtest.

Regards, Doug

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