[Samba] file differences when copying files to linux, using samba

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Sun Jan 27 09:03:49 GMT 2008

jeffunit wrote:
> I ran my python program locally on the linux system, and it reported 
> that roughly
> 100 md5sums for files differed.

> Any ideas how to track down this problem
	Could it be a code-page conversion issue?

	Have you tried copying the file over with "cp" from
windows to your server? (cp from 'cygwin')?

	Have you tried comparing some of the differing files and
looking for a pattern?

	Does the "change" get "undone" if you use explorer to
copy the file back from the linbox to the winbox?

	I use a similar setup to backup my files -- though I use
'rsync' from windows to keep the server copy synchronized (which
gets backed up nightly w/xfsdump.

	I can't say why, exactly, but I wouldn't trust windows
"explorer" to copy over such a large number of files.

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