[Samba] Login with special groups

Niki Hammler mailinglists at nobaq.net
Thu Jan 24 22:34:11 GMT 2008

Ryan Novosielski schrieb:
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> Niki Hammler wrote:
>> Ryan Novosielski schrieb:
>>> [...]
>>> Can't this be done via Windows account policy these days, like logon
>>> hours, or is that not the case?
>> No, I haven't seen such settings in the policies (in SAM database).
> Alright, then what is the "Workstations" spot there for? I could have
> sworn that was for allowed workstations. If not, does anyone know what
> that IS for?

Ouh, I've read over this ;-)

Anyway, as you've found out below, this is the wrong direction ;-)

> Now, even if I am correct about that, it is quite possible that there is
> no easy way to set that for a group of users, which means that this
> doesn't necessarily answer the question...

Yes, the problem is that I've dozens of workstations where everyone 
(approx. 600 users!) in LDAP should be allowed to login.

But there are a few workstations where only users should be allowed to 
login who are members in some certain groups.

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