[Samba] Hide Home Share for a single user

Douglas VanLeuven roamdad at sonic.net
Thu Jan 24 19:45:41 GMT 2008

Nelson Vale wrote:
> Hi again,
>> How do you mean hide?  So that they can't browse it, or so that they
>> cannot see the 'homes' service?
> What I wan't is to just hide (well wath I'd really wanted was to disable it 
> but I don't know if it is possible), the Home Share for one particular user, 
> i.e. don't show it when the user browses the available shares.
> The user is not allowed to connect to the share anyway.
>> And do you mean hide from everyone 
>> else, or hide from that user themselves?
> The other users have no access to it.

Try the option
   invalid users = joe

I think the user would still see it when browsing, but couldn't connect.
That might be a compromise you could accept.

Regards, Doug

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