[Samba] permissions acls directories inheritance windows samba

mark.a.brand mark.a.brand at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 04:54:05 GMT 2008


Environment:rhel4 + samba 3.0.25b + winbind. Authentication and
authorisation via Windows active directory.

I just want to make sure of something, if someone can confirm my thinking
below, that would be great .The problem we are having is when windows or mac
users copy files to the samba server  - the destination file permissions
have the source file permissions.

What I want to happen is that whenever a mac or window user copies a file to
a folder on the samba server, the destination file should inherit the ugo
and acls of the parent directory on the samba server rather than inheriting
the permissions from the source file. Similiarly when a directory is created
on the samba server from a windows or mac client it should also inherit the
permissions and acls of its parent directory.

It would seem that in smb.conf the appropriate parameters to set are (see
below).  Can someone confirm this is the case and if not how should I make
copied files inherit parent directory permissions and acls.
  inherit acls = yes
  inherit permissions = yes


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