[Samba] Re: SID problem with working samba

Jamrock news_jamrock at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 23 12:54:57 GMT 2008

"toni" <tonign at xtec.net> wrote in message
news:20080122212228.5b9c62cb at gamma...
> hello,
> i have 1 PDC and 1 BDC using smbldap, and now i'm adding a server (as a
> domain member, not BDC) that will have shares to be mounted by the
> clients.
> this server also uses smbldap and, at this moment, the service is
> working almost normally.
> the problem seems to be the typical SID problem, but my new samba
> reports to have the same SID that the PDC and BDC have, and users can
> log into the domain and map shares. however, when mapping shares log
> file prints these lines:

 I would not expect you to need smbldap on a member server.  Typically,
member servers authenticate against a pdc or bdc.  They do not authenticate

One option is to load ldap on the server.  Load Samba so it can configure
against ldap.

You can then configure the machine to use the ldap on the pdc for

Chapter 7 of Samba by Example shows a few options re: setting up a member
server to authenticate against a pdc.

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