[Samba] Can't see my home directory

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 22 20:02:13 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 22 January 2008 14:03:55 David C. Rankin wrote:
>         I was talking about the server. I can't recall if it was 3.0.23,
> .24, or .25, but somewhere in there problems were introduced that effects
> the SID/GID and caused a number of problems. Since it doesn't take that
> long, I'd do both server and laptop.
It's odd, though, that the problem only affects this one laptop.  The ancient 
laptop that was my stopgap while this was being repaired didn't have the 
problem, and I had Mandriva 2008 on that as well.

>         That is the rub about mandriva, nobody is building samba rpms
> anymore. I built samba from source for the past 2 years on 2005LE, until I
> replaced the server with openSuSE 10.3. Wonderful support for samba rpms.

I'm tempted to leave this for the moment.  I'm just configuring a new server 
box with CentOS.  I shall see tomorrow whether samba gives me full access to 
that box.  If it does, I'll not worry about the out-going one.

I HATE mysteries!

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