[Samba] need wins understanding

Dominic Iadicicco diadicic at sctylib.org
Mon Jan 21 19:54:10 GMT 2008


So the servers should not do anything bad to each other becasue they are
both running wins? Is this correct? Also I can disable broadcasting on
both servers as well.
I don't have to but I can.

Thanks again


> As far as I know, the behavior of your network will be that clients
> configured to use the first WINS server will not know of the existence
> of the machines that uses the other WINS server, and vice versa. If
> thats a problem or not, it depends if you wish that these two domains
> interact with each other. But if I remember right at least the two
> servers will know of each other (as only the clients brodcast behavior
> was disabled) and so all clients will know about the two servers.
> Regards.
> Edmundo Valle Neto
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