[Samba] CIFS problem

Stuart Gall stuart at otenet.gr
Mon Jan 21 12:26:44 GMT 2008

I am mounting shares on a linux box from a win2K server box using CIFS.
samba version Version 3.0.25b

Then I am backing up the share using tar.

On all directories after all the files in the directory are backed up  
I get the error
file changed as we read it  (for the directory) The files are backed up

Any idea why ?

It seems that I only get the error for a directory with files in it,  
if the directory has only more directories I don't get the error

Secondly I get some odd permissions on some files like

-rwxrwSrwt    Thats Setgid without group execute and sticky with all  
execute. What does this mean for a cifs mount from a win2K machine ???


Stuart Gall
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