[Samba] need wins understanding

Edmundo Valle Neto edmundo.valle at terra.com.br
Mon Jan 21 01:09:18 GMT 2008

Dominic Iadicicco escreveu:
> Here is my setup.
>      I have two samba domain controllers on the same subnet. It's a
> subnet.
>       First domain "STAFF"
>       Second domain "PATRONS"
>       They both have wins enabled and all clients have broadcasting disabled.
>       Can someone tell me if I will have a problem?  If so please give
> some kind of example.  I am really trying to learn why and get a
> better understanding of wins, and this will put me in the right
> direction.
>   If you need more info on the network, just ask.  Although I feel this is
> more of a concept question to help me get it.
> Thanks all
> Dominic Iadicicco

As far as I know, the behavior of your network will be that clients 
configured to use the first WINS server will not know of the existence 
of the machines that uses the other WINS server, and vice versa. If 
thats a problem or not, it depends if you wish that these two domains 
interact with each other. But if I remember right at least the two 
servers will know of each other (as only the clients brodcast behavior 
was disabled) and so all clients will know about the two servers.


Edmundo Valle Neto

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