[Samba] Can't see my home directory

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 21:34:40 GMT 2008

> > What do you mean can not see?
> >
> I can't browse the home directory in konqueror, and I can't attach to it
> in
> korganizer.
> > Also what version of samba are you using?
> 3.0.25b

I have seen similar behavior on some XP clients at work after upgrading from
3.0.24 to any version above that. What happens is that the share shows up
but when it is opened an error box on the client pops up instantly saying
that the share is not available but ever other share on the same machine
works and all other clients can use the share that is not available on the
one machine. I believe this problem is related to msdfs. Also after a few
reboots (of the client) and restarting the samba server the problem appears
to disappear.


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