[Samba] net privileges

John French cjf at tow.org.uk
Sun Jan 20 16:03:25 GMT 2008

Newbie question !  I have set up Samba on Ubuntu 7.10, and file sharing 
is working. Now printer. I tried setting it up without Point and Print, 
but I got "Access denied. Unable to connect" on the Windows systems. 
O'Reilly's good book says this can happen, so I went back to implement 

This requires me to have SePrintOperatorPrivilege status. I entered :
sudo net rpc rights grant 'tow.org.uk\cjf' SePrintOperatorPrivilege
and got :
Failed to grant privileges for tow.org.uk\cjf (NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED)

Googling for this doesn't seem to tell me anything helpful. Any advice 

John French

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