[Samba] Re: Now that MS has to play nice...

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Sat Jan 19 15:50:44 GMT 2008

"Douglas Phillipson" <phillipd at oem.doe.gov> wrote in message
news:47912AA3.8030504 at oem.doe.gov...
> Being that you SAMBA developers had to work so hard to reverse engineer
> the AD protocols.  Will there soon be improvements and more full
> featured functionality in SAMBA now that you have access to more
> documentation?  Is anything on the order of a fully feature AD clone in
> the works.  Also, how do you dance around patented protocols?  Can you
> still implement them?  Do you have to avoid them?  So anything patented
> is taboo functionality, never to be seen in SAMBA.
> Thanks for all your hard work over the years guys.  I hope it gets much
> easier now.
> Doug P
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I agree.

I want to send a big shout out to all the developers of Samba.  We really
appreciate all the hard work you do.

I know this is not the development newsgroup.  But since I don't understand
much that is said on that newsgroup, I will ask the question here.

How will the change affect the development of Samba 4?

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