[Samba] Re: set_canon_ace_list: sys_acl_set_file type file failed for file

paul.bowen (eng/cad/Design) paul.bowen at analog.com
Fri Jan 18 16:51:33 GMT 2008

Is there some setting in smb.conf for Samba Version  3.0.24 that when a 
user creates a directory it is owned by the users unix login id or PC 
and not by nobody.  When the owner is nobody it won't allow users to 
change the security setting on their folders but they can still create new
folders and files.  This happens regardless of if the nfs share is a 
Network Appliance Box or Linux box.

Should we go to a new version of Samba that allows users to be the 
owners of folders and files that they create
and not nobody, or are there special samba files that we should be 
looking at


paul.bowen (eng/cad/Design) wrote:

> Hi,
> Does anyone have any ideas about trouble shooting the following error 
> when trying to change folder permissions on a Samba Share
> "[2008/01/18 15:59:42, 2] smbd/posix_acls.c:set_canon_ace_list(2480)
>  set_canon_ace_list: sys_acl_set_file type file failed for file"
> We are using  Version  3.0.24  on Solaris.  The share is on a NetApps 
> filer which is nfs licensed.
> Thanks,
> Paul.

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