[Samba] Home directory problem

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 18 07:43:30 GMT 2008

On Friday 18 January 2008 01:26:03 David C. Rankin wrote:
> 	It has been a while, good to hear from you again. From your home
> permissions it appears you have bolted from mdk, unless they have picked
> up the openSuSE group scheme ;-) 

I used Fedora for a year, and was fairly happy with it, but ended up back with 

> I don't know what to tell you on the 
> homes issue. Most kernels have dropped smbfs support in favor of cifs.
> What I have been doing linux-to-linux is using mount.cifs for samba
> shares in the following fashion:
> mount.cifs //host/theusername /mnt/mountpoint/ -o
> username=theusername,uid=1000,password=pass
> 	I'm sure their is a more automated way to do this, but with only 10
> people in the office it isn't a problem. I haven't used smb4k, but I
> have seen others that have successfully.
> 	Without smb4k, I use konqueror and just type smb://host into the
> address bar and it shows all shares including the the users home dir
> that can be linked, etc... Someone smarter than I will have to add more
> to the discussion.
I find it most odd that konqueror doesn't see it, yet smb4k does.  The share 
is obviously functioning.  I'm lost on this one.

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