[Samba] question concerning ldapsam:editposix and winbind

Andrew Richey ar2748 at columbia.edu
Tue Jan 15 20:19:04 GMT 2008

Hey guys,

I've gotten my samba + openldap running quite well, minus one problem 
(that I know about).  I've read over plenty of documentation, the 
official and other wiki's and such.  I believe I have winbind working 
correctly, so I assume I won't have to use external scripts to add 

But isn't there something one must do in order for their OS (in my case 
FreeBSD 6.2) to use my ldap server instead of /etc/passwd and /etc/group 
files?   I'm unable to change the Administrator users password because I 
have no Unix account for it, and I assume it's looking for that in 
/etc/passwd.  On the same token, I can add another user who already 
exists in my /etc/password  (the local user I added during the 
installation of FreeBSD).  And it shows up sucsessfully in my ldap server.

At first I was thinking that the ...

ldapsam:trusted= yes
ldapsam:editposix= yes

..handled this issue, via winbind.  But that might be a misunderstanding 
on my part. Anyone have any ideas?

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