[Samba] Folder redirection without roaming profiles

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Tue Jan 15 06:43:16 GMT 2008

german at tybsa.com wrote:
>> set a group policy to redirect it and put it in the netlogon share, or
>> go to each user and right click on my documents and redirect it to
>> wherever you want.
> Great idea, it's just what a windows administrator does in this cases...
> But... How do i do that in samba?

download windows 2000 SP4 file from microsoft.com, then extract it by 
running it in a dos window with the /x flag, in the i386 directory is 
adminpak.msi.  run that, let it install, then you can run poledit, 
create a new policy, load common.adm, wuau.adm, and there's one other 
that escapes me at the moment, just search your PC for .adm files, and 
load them all.  and you can get .adm files for Vista at 

anyway, select the options you want, one of the selections with the 
default templates adminpak.msi installs allows you to redirect folders.  
I think the My Documents folder is labeled Personal.  Just redirect it 
to \\server\homes or z:\username, etc, whatever you have their home 
directory mounted as.  then save the policy as NTConfig.POL and drop it 
into the directory that is your [netlogon] share, the 2000/XP/Vista 
check there automatically on log on for that file and load whatever is 
in it.  The next time they log in the redirection will happen and it 
won't move their stuff from their my documents to the new location, so 
for each user you will have to go to their PC or VNC in (you have VNC 
installed on all your PCs right?) and go to c:\documents and 
settings\user\my documents and drag and drop it to their my documents 
folder.  and you will probably want to go in as administrator on their 
PCs and turn off synchronization and offline files, or each time they 
log out, XP will put a copy of their my documents in the offline files 
folder which will cause them to still take a long time to log out if 
they have several hundred megs to gigabytes of stuff in their my 
documents folder.

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