[Samba] Re: Windows XP always see folder with read-only attribute set

Héctor Sánchez Sanmartín hector at planatec.es
Mon Jan 14 15:18:43 GMT 2008

Marco De Vitis escribió:
> Il 10/01/2008 19:19, Héctor Sánchez Sanmartín ha scritto:
>> Does anyone has an idea what could be happening and how to avoid 
>> windows showing it as "read-only"???
> Sorry for not having noticed this thread before, because I would have 
> saved you some time.
> What you describe is not a problem with Samba. It is a Windows 
> "feature by design". Look here, and read especially the "CAUSE" section:
> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/326549/en-us
Ahh...thanks God!! ;)

There's the explanation...thanks a lot, at least this confirms what I 
thought: windows trouble :( I tried to use this attr command as they 
suggest on the article you sent me and doesn't work either, but I 
checked an it happens even on folders of the hard disk!!! So, I can 
inform my customer to complain Microsoft for this ;)

Thanks a lot for your help

Héctor Sánchez Sanmartín
PlanaTec Software S.L. ** Castellón (Spain)
tlf: +34 964340560 ** fax: +34 964340562

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