[Samba] Folder redirection without roaming profiles

Denis Cardon denis.cardon at tranquil-it-systems.fr
Mon Jan 14 14:44:18 GMT 2008

german at tybsa.com a écrit :
> Hi, i'm new in the mailing list :)...
> I have a little question...
> Is there any way to enable folder redirection for some folders like My
> Docs, or Desktop without using roaming profiles?

You can just update you registry key during netlogon. Here are some of 
the relevant registry key :

Shell Folders]
"My Pictures"="U:"
"My Music"="U:"
"My Video"="U:"

By the way, roaming profiles do not redirect My docs/Desktop folders, 
but just sync them back to the server on logout.



> That's all :P
> Thanks

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