[Samba] Failed to parse cldap reply

Chris Andrew candrew at oxspring.com
Mon Jan 14 11:36:37 GMT 2008

Dear List,

I seem to have a problem with winbind. 

Have successfully joined samba to a 2003 AD, but when I start winbind, the logs are full of the following:

==> log.winbindd <==
[2008/01/14 11:25:58, 1] libads/cldap.c:recv_cldap_netlogon(247)
  Failed to parse cldap reply

Running wbinfo -t returns:
checking the trust secret via RPC calls failed
error code was  (0x0)
Could not check secret

Distribution is Centos EL4.
I am currently trying with samba-3.0.26, but have tried 3 older versions.
I have installed MITs Kerberos krb5-1.6.3.
My openldap is version openldap-2.2.13.

Here is my krb5.conf:
 default_realm = DOM.LOCAL
 dns_fallback = true

  kdc =

 .dom.local = DOM.LOCAL
 dom.local = DOM.LOCAL

## eof

Here is my smb.conf:
  server string = Samba %v
  encrypt passwords = Yes
  workgroup = DOM.DOM
  password server =
  security = ADS
  realm = DOM.LOCAL
  interfaces =

  idmap uid = 30000-40000
  idmap gid = 30000-40000

  winbind use default domain = yes
  winbind separator = +
  winbind enum users = yes
  winbind enum groups = yes

  client use spnego = yes
  #server signing = auto

  preferred master = no
  domain master = no
  local master = no

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