[Samba] samba clients couldn't find some files

chen.lianlu chen.lianlu at netk5.com
Mon Jan 14 08:21:18 GMT 2008



   The environment:  The linux server install the Mandriva. And this is a
samba server for sharing documents. All the clients are windows XP.


   There was a strange thing. There was a file which I can find in the
windows client. But I can't find this file in the linux even if I use the
command "#ls -a"


   At the same time, this file was not a read and hided properties. You
couldn't open and delete it. As this file exist, some document can't be
found but it is exist.


   These documents was be hidden. You couldn't find it in the windows. But
you could find these files in the linux.


   When I deleted some files in this folder, some files appeared. I also
tried to use the root to delete the folder and recreate a new folder, I
copied these files to


   the folder and the same status happened again.


   I don't know why? If you have some advice, please tell me. Thanks.






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