[Samba] Windows XP always see folder with read-only attribute set

Chris Smith smb23 at realcomputerguy.com
Fri Jan 11 18:10:55 GMT 2008

On Friday 11 January 2008, Rune Tønnesen wrote:
> [publica]
>           path = /sis/publica/
>           public = yes
> #          only guest = yes
>           writable = yes
>           force user = sis
>           force group = sis
> This should solve your problem as samba by default set a share as
> read only and you need to set them to writable, hence "read only =
> No" is not equal to "writable = yes".

man smb.conf

"read only = No" _is_ equal to "writable = yes"


"guest ok = Yes" _is_ equal to "public = yes"

I also maintain that for portability of the readability of smb.conf that 
the standard parameters should be used instead of the synonyms. This 
means using "guest ok" instead of "public" and "read only" instead 
of "writable" or "writable".

It would help in the long run if the synonyms were deprecated and 
testparm warned of their usage.


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