[Samba] printers stop working (SOLVED, well kinda)

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu
Thu Jan 10 15:31:22 GMT 2008

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armin walland wrote:
> for the search engines; we have found what the problem was.
> there is a parameter called "max print jobs" which is 1000 by default so as 
> soon as the number of print jobs exceeds 1000 samba won't let users print 
> anymore.
> we have so far not definitely found the reason why the number of jobs in the 
> tdb file keeps rising but we believe it might be some sort of locking problem 
> so that when clients (such as badly programmed *&%*$ access programs) send a 
> large number of print jobs very rapidly the smbd cannot remove finished print 
> jobs from the tdb file (fast enough? or because it is locked and the 
> remove-requests time out?) causing it to fill up over time.
> so far we decided to set "max print jobs" to something reasonable large and 
> use a weekly or monthly cronjob to remove /var/cache/samba/printing/*.tdb and 
> reload smbd.
> cheers! :)

In cases like this, you really need to leave the original thread in the
message. I can tell you there was a bug in earlier versions of Samba
(early 3.0.x series) that would not die. I believe these days it was
resolved, but it had a very similar impact.

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