[Samba] printers stop working (SOLVED, well kinda)

armin walland a.walland at focusmr.com
Thu Jan 10 14:32:58 GMT 2008

for the search engines; we have found what the problem was.

there is a parameter called "max print jobs" which is 1000 by default so as 
soon as the number of print jobs exceeds 1000 samba won't let users print 

we have so far not definitely found the reason why the number of jobs in the 
tdb file keeps rising but we believe it might be some sort of locking problem 
so that when clients (such as badly programmed *&%*$ access programs) send a 
large number of print jobs very rapidly the smbd cannot remove finished print 
jobs from the tdb file (fast enough? or because it is locked and the 
remove-requests time out?) causing it to fill up over time.

so far we decided to set "max print jobs" to something reasonable large and 
use a weekly or monthly cronjob to remove /var/cache/samba/printing/*.tdb and 
reload smbd.

cheers! :)

best rgds, armin walland

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