[Samba] Samba locking with NFS backend.

Jan Hugo Prins jhp at jhprins.org
Wed Jan 9 20:31:05 GMT 2008

Volker Lendecke wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 09, 2008 at 12:12:14AM +0100, Jan Hugo Prins wrote:
>> What is the reason that it won't come back.
>> Is there noone to maintain it? Is it to difficult?
> Caused too much confusion, and it is by far not the only
> search we're doing against ldap these days. So in theory you
> would have to have to describe every search we're doing with
> a separate filter option. Not good.
Ok, then I have a question for you.
Suppose the following. We run terminal servers for al little customers.
We have all those little domains in one big ldap. So far so good, we 
tell every samba where in the ldap tree the domain information is located.
Now the following. Customer A wants to login to the terminal server with 
either the full name (Display Name value) or the CN of the account.
Customer B wants to login with the UID and / or CN of the user.
With ldap filter I could easilly configure this.
How do I do this without ldap filter?

Jan Hugo Prins

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