[Samba] Printer sharing and LDAP traffic

Thom Savage savagetw at cis.uab.edu
Wed Jan 9 15:16:19 GMT 2008

Hello list,

My linux server is using Samba to share cups printers. My nsswitch.conf is setup for LDAP authentication. I'm noticing tons of LDAP traffic all of the time between my Samba server and my LDAP server for printer names. For example, I have a printer share called "Undergrad Lab Printer". I'm seeing LDAP search requests for "undergrad lab printer", "Undergrad Lab Printer", and "UNDERGRAD LAB PRINTER". 

Why is it making all of this traffic and how do I stop it?

Thom Savage
Systems Analyst
Computer and Information Sciences
University of Alabama at Birmingham

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