[Samba] Another Uploading Printer drivers problem.

Martin Zielinski mz at seh.de
Wed Jan 9 14:32:51 GMT 2008

Richard Chapman schrieb:
> Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
>>> Use client driver means something like "completely
>>> ignore the server side drivers and use a local one."
>> IMHO, a better interpretation of "user client driver" is "it breaks
>> print serving" and it shouldn't be used unless you explicitly know [and
>> understand] why you DO want to use it.
> Hi Adam
> Thanks for the advice on "use Client Driver". I used it to solve the 
> "Access Denied" status in the windows "Printers and Faxes" status 
> window. I think it was suggested by someone in this group - but also 
> confirmed by the reference to it in "man smb.conf". It also probably 
> stops me from uploading and/or downloading printer drivers to windows 
> client - which is unfortunate. If you advise against using it - how do 
> you avoid the "Access Denied" status in the "printers and faxes status". 
> Do you just ignore it - or do you not get it for some other reason?
> Thanks Adam
> Richard.
Hi Richard,

the "Access Denied" error is in most cases the result of 
misconfiguration. Unfortunatly it is also a kind of default error 
result, so it may have several reasons.

You allready tried to create a folder in \\server\print$ which was not 
successfull. So lets have a look at this.

You have two identities in this situation: the Windows user (having a 
SID/RID or whatever) and a *nix user (having a uid and gid).

Access your server share again ...
"\\server\print$" from windows

Now open a shell on the samba server and call "smbstatus".
You might get an output like this one:

PID     Username      Group         Machine
  1221   SOFT\mz       SOFT\dom?nen-benutzer (

The samba daemon smbd now runs with the rights of the *nix user 
"SOFT\mz" (which (in this case) is automaticly created by winbindd).

If you find "guest" in it instead your name
--> "windows -> *nix mapping problem

In my case, I type "su SOFT\\mz" as root on the samba server (root, to 
avoid password problems).
--> If it fails, you have a "windows -> *nix" user mapping problem.

Enter the driver directory. (In your case: "/var/lib/samba/drivers") and 
create a dirctory ("mkdir test").
--> If this fails, you have a *nix permission problem in this directory.
Then check the rights of the directory

If you are able to create the directory, it's a good bet, that the 
problem lies in the rights of the windows user:
- a samba log could give more information.
- put the user, that you got with "smbstatus" as printeradmin and in the 
write list of the print$ section.

    printer admin             = "SOFT\mz"

    path = /var/lib/samba/drivers
    write list = root, "SOFT\mz"

If you could create the directories and have the user in "smbstatus" as 
printeradmin and in the writelist of the print$ share, then I've no more 
ideas :-(

Give it a try,

~ Martin

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