[Samba] Need help with SWAT

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu
Wed Jan 9 04:01:07 GMT 2008

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Donald Woeltje wrote:
> No matter what I try, I cannot get SWAT to work. No, I'm new to
> solaris, so maybe I'm not doing something that should be done prior
> to trying to use SWAT. Samba does seem to be working, somewhat. I can
> connect to a share using the smbclient on the same solaris system
> that I installed samba on....but I cannot connect to the share on the
> solaris system with my Windows XP system. Since it is part of a
> domain, it's possible that the sysadmins may have some sort of AD
> policy in affect that is preventing me from connecting to the solaris
> system's Windows-compatible resources. So, until I try at home, I
> can't say definitively that Windows to Samba functionality isn't
> working at all. It just isn't working from my Windows client to my
> Solaris Samba network shares. But the smbclient program does connect
> to the shares successfully.
> But no matter what I do, I cannot get SWAT to work. I've read the
> FAQ's and HOWTO's; I can't find anything on troubleshooting SWAT
> problems. Maybe I don't have inetd setup properly? Or maybe there is
> something else I've missed.
> I could really use some help.

Can't get SWAT to work is very non-specific. It does not tell me what to
say for you to lead off with. You need to try the standard UNIX tests
(telnet to the port it's supposed to be running on, etc.) and see what
exactly is not happening.

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