[Samba] Samba locking with NFS backend.

Jan Hugo Prins jhp at jhprins.org
Tue Jan 8 23:06:52 GMT 2008

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 08, 2008 at 01:12:58AM +0100, Jan Hugo Prins wrote:
>> The main reason we don't use the Cifs capabilities of the Isilon cluster 
>> is that it doesn't support how we use Samba / Ldap.
>> We have 1 LDAP tree, with all little OU's and each OU is the container 
>> for 1 domain.
>> We use a filter to make sure that a user that connect to the samba he 
>> has access to, only sees his part of the LDAP tree.
>> This filter functionality is something that is not available in the 
>> stock samba, it was before, and we patch it back into every samba we use 
>> in production.
>> We can't patch it into the Cifs server on the Isilon cluster.
> You should be able to - it's just Samba and so you have
> the source code.
> Is the filter patch more generally useful ? Do you think
> it's worth submitting to the list or as a feature request ?
> Jeremy.
The filter patch is very usefull and a while back it was in the code. 
But as I understood from my colleges is was removed because noone seemed 
to understand what you could do with it and therefor noone needed it. We 
need it very much and that's why we have reverse engineered the patch 
that removed this functionality and patch it back in every time we go to 
a new version of Samba.

Jan Hugo Prins

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