[Samba] Propose mount.cifs/smbfs able to mount the child folder of share folder

Michael Heydon michaelh at jaswin.com.au
Mon Jan 7 23:04:08 GMT 2008

kstan wrote:
> Hi Samba team,
> I feel user will feel more confortable when they can mount folder (via
> mount.cifs or mount.smbfs) under particular shared folder.
> Example:
> I have a share folder call department, all department's folder arrange
> inside
> so I have a share folder call \\server\department
> <snip>
> It is much more better if we can simplied the share via this command:
> mount -t cifs  -o (with necessary
> option) //server/department/purchasing /home/purchasinguser/Desktop/mydepartmentdata
While this should be possible to implement (I'm not a programmer so I 
won't guarantee it), it looks kind of ugly to me. You wouldn't expect to 
be able to mount some directory inside an iso9660 or ntfs filesystem, 
why should cifs be different?

Surely if you want people to be limited to just subdirectories of a 
share, you should be sharing those subdirectories instead of the parent 
(which would probably make security easier to manage as well). If you 
just want to shorten the path so people can get to it quickly, well 
that's what symlinks are for.

(I have removed samba-technical from this reply as this particular 
message isn't terribly technical)

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