[Samba] [ Fixed :) ] LDAP problem

Tanguy Léost tanguy.leost at free.fr
Mon Jan 7 21:18:30 GMT 2008

le 07.01.2008 18:43  Rune Tønnesen ecrivait :

> E.g. try add a computer to the domain and see whether this is possible 
> or not.

Yes, that did the trick.
I tried to take my computer out of the domain, and put it back again,
and it worked, I could connect to the domain as before !
I just tested with a few other stations and they're acting the
same way.

So now I just have to do the same with all the computers in the factory,
but it is much less pain than what's happening for many hours now.
Some windows stations seem quite happy with it and don't even need to be
put back in the domain, so i guess it's just a matter of a couple
of hours tomorrow.

By the way, thanks *very much* to everyone for your help !

Best regards,

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