[Samba] Multiple mount instead of remount?

Kyle Schmitt kyleaschmitt at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 15:29:13 GMT 2008

I'm having issues trying to remount any shares using samba.

Super Short version
mount -o remount /some_windows_share creates a duplicate mount instead
of properly remounting.

Full details...
I have many shares served off of NT4 boxes, mounted via samba on a
linux box (RHEL 4).
Since long dormant (>12 hour) shares from one server in particular
always have problems for a few seconds when accessing files, I altered
my scripts to mount -o remount.  I expected it would freshen the
mount.  Instead of doing a remount however, it appears to be mounting
_over_ the original.   Not really what I wanted.  Any idea why it's
doing this?  I wanted to avoid doing an unmount then a mount, as some
of these scripts may, on occasion, be run in parallel.  I know at
least on local drives remounting while in use (at least for read
operations), doesn't appear to cause problems..


PS: I seem to be having trouble posting to this list, so if this
message appears (in various forms) more than once, I apologize.

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