[Samba] Another Uploading Printer drivers problem.

Adam Tauno Williams adamtaunowilliams at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 12:28:36 GMT 2008

> Misinterpretation. With Samba, the only thing you can do is have them
> available for download. The drivers always run on the client side
> (HP-UX, in my example, isn't actually going to do anything server-side
> with the drivers). 

That isn't entirely true;  some Win32 drivers do run code on both the
client and the server,  those kind of drivers will not work with Samba.
Drivers at least modify "registry" settings on the server which can also
fail on Samba - although they usually work.  Normal printer drivers like
those for HP Laserjets, etc... should work without an issue.  Drivers
for multi-function devices such as document centers frequently don't
work or work only if the user avoids certain features.

> Use client driver means something like "completely
> ignore the server side drivers and use a local one."

IMHO, a better interpretation of "user client driver" is "it breaks
print serving" and it shouldn't be used unless you explicitly know [and
understand] why you DO want to use it.

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