[Samba] SLow cups printing, lots of get-printer-attributes

Emmanuel Lacour elacour at easter-eggs.com
Mon Jan 7 11:45:52 GMT 2008

On Wed, Jan 02, 2008 at 09:45:49AM -0800, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 02, 2008 at 08:52:46AM +0100, Martin Zielinski wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > This is the result of asking cups for a comment and location string to 
> > sync them between cups and samba.
> > I've allready asked the samba-team to replace it with a more general 
> > approach but got no response until now.
> Sorry, your mail is sat in my inbox. I understand the issue and I'm planning
> to try and get the fix into 3.2.


I'm currently trying to create a script to maintain comment/location for
my printers, using rpcclient.
I can change comment with "setprinter the_printer_name the_description"
without problem.
But when I try this for setting the location, I get WERR_ACCESS_DENIED:

setprinterdata the_printer_name string location the_location

any idea to solve this would be welcome ;)

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