[Samba] LDAP problem

Tanguy Léost tanguy.leost at free.fr
Mon Jan 7 01:25:10 GMT 2008

le 07.01.2008 02:11  tom farrel ecrivait :
> Hi, 
> I had the same problem, as you had, I my Environment,
> i had samba PDC (samba 3.0.21c, LDAP openldap-2.2.13, DHCP, dns) 
> running, and other file server(acting as Domain member server) as 
> happenned to you,  due to power failure ,my pdc went down  and had to 
> restart after which none of the windows xp or 2000 clients would connect 
> (All saying that computer is not in domain). I had tried a lot of 
> options including restoring the ldif file, (Because openldap did not 
> recover from power failure causing openldap to break, had remove the 
> exising db and restore from ldif file).
> when ever there was a power failure or uneven shutdown, this would happen,
> So for this i had this solution,
> created a BDC  with ldap backend (slave ldap), So all my client would 
> request to BDC first then PDC (as BDC wins election over PDC).
> So that if i had to take PDC down, I had no issues,
> Second to openldap to recover DB from power failure,  Upgraded openldap 
> to 2.3 with db recover options like keeping DB_CONFIG file, 
> checkpointing etc.  From then, I have not faced any issues.
> -- 
> Regards
> Tom :)
> /*Life is too complicated, Lets make it simple*/


Thanks for your suggestions.
I'll consider installing this as soon
as i have fixed my PDC.


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