[Samba] Re: Migrate Windows 2000 (Active Directory Integrated) Domainto Samba

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Sun Jan 6 02:04:07 GMT 2008

Jamrock wrote:
> "Charles Marcus" <CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com> wrote in message
> news:477CEC53.7030209 at Media-Brokers.com...
>> I read everywhere about migrating an NT4 domain, but nowhere says you
>> can do the same with a Windows 2000 (NOT mixed mode) domain...
>> This client does NOT currently use AD for anything special (GPO, etc).
>> Is this possible? Advised?

> Samba 3.x cannot migrate data from Windows 200x.  This is one of the
> proposed features of Samba 4.x which is currently in development.

Yeah, pretty much figured that out... oh well, guess I'll just have to 
redo the domain from scratch... glad its only about 50 machines/users...


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