[Samba] Roaming profiles and case sensitivity

Niki Hammler mailinglists at nobaq.net
Fri Jan 4 10:51:59 GMT 2008


Yesterday I found big problems concerning my roaming profiles. They seem
to work on some computers where they are always used, on some other the
did not load properly (i.e. a default profile was loaded instead).

After some debugging with userenv.log I found the very strange problem:
case sensitivity for ntuser.dat!:

IsCentralProfileReachable:  Testing <F:\testuser\ntuser.dat>
IsCentralProfileReachable:  Profile is not reachable, error = 2

The file on Linux was NTUSER.DAT, after renaming it to ntuser.dat it
worked! But it should not matter! Windows is case insensitive!

So on computers where the profile is always used (i.e. it was already
loaded) it worked because Windows took the local copy of ntuser.dat and
copied it back to the server as NTUSER.DAT when signing off. On other
computers where no local copy of ntuser.dat was available, the error
above occured and a default profile was loaded instead.
(This paragraph is my interpretation).

The second issue is that in the meantime the file is called NTUSER.DAT
again and it wasn't me! It was Windows itself!
So Windows on the one hand seems to save the file as NTUSER.DAT but on
the other hand complains if it's called NTUSER.DAT.

Before now, I had the following options in my globals-Section for having
the possibility to rename files from "teSt.txt" to "TeSt.TxT" on windows

preserve case = yes
short preserve case = yes
default case = lower
case sensitive = yes

I removed all the lines in order to get default values.

I also found that this problem concerns all other files in the main
directory too (NTUSER.DAT.new, NTUSER.DAT.LOG, ntuser.ini).

My big questions is now how to prevent all types of such "stupid" (?)
windows errors (concerning case sensitivity) on samba side.

Currently my profiles share looks like this:

        comment = Roaming profiles
        path = /home/system/smb/profiles
        read only = no
        create mask = 0600
        directory mask = 0700
        public = no
        browseable = no
        ; nt acl support = no
        csc policy = disable
        hide files = desktop.ini/Desktop.ini

If it should matter, here is my complete smb.conf:

Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards,


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