[Samba] Another Uploading Printer drivers problem.

Chris Smith smb23 at realcomputerguy.com
Thu Jan 3 16:28:14 GMT 2008

On Thursday 03 January 2008, Richard Chapman wrote:
> I guess it does appear that the "use client driver" is preventing me
> from uploading the drivers. Can anyone suggest the best way around
> this?

I think "use client driver" is pretty clear. If you want a driver on the 
server to automagically install then you don't want to set "use client 
driver". You seem to be entering non-sequitor-ville here.

If you want client drivers available for central distribution just 
unpack the drivers (if desired) and place them on a read only share 
that the users have access to. They wont automagically install but 
you'll avoid sneakernetting, etc.

If you would really prefer to use server drivers but it's just an upload 
issue than follow the docs and focus on resolving that.

> There are a few linux drivers around for the printer - but they 
> all seem to have problems. Can I install a linux driver - but not use
> it and still use the windows client side drivers. Will this overcome
> my problem - and allow me to upload the Windows drives to the linux
> share?

I tend to always use the MS/Adobe PS drivers with the CUPS 6 Windows 
drivers. Works quite well. But then I never purchase non-PS capable 
printers. And it's easy to setup using cupsaddsmb, avoiding uploading 
from a client.

There are other ways to get the driver installed on the server (see 
docs - cupsaddsmb, rpc) without uploading from a client, but if your 
system is setup correctly uploading shouldn't be an issue in most 
cases. There may, however, be some drivers that just wont play nice.


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