[Samba] Another Uploading Printer drivers problem.

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu
Thu Jan 3 16:12:44 GMT 2008

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Richard Chapman wrote:
> Hi Willy, Dale, Ryan and others
> Many thanks for hte feedback. I had read the man samba.conf section on
> "use client driver" - but I interpreted the "MUST not be enabled when
> valid printer drivers are loaded on the Samba server" to mean the case
> where the drivers were "loaded on and RUNNING on the server" as opposed
> to "loaded on the server simply to allow them to be loaded onto the
> windows box". These are presumably different cases - and it is clearly
> desirable to upload the drivers on the server JUST for download to the
> windows box even when (especially when) the drivers are running on the
> client side.

Misinterpretation. With Samba, the only thing you can do is have them
available for download. The drivers always run on the client side
(HP-UX, in my example, isn't actually going to do anything server-side
with the drivers). Use client driver means something like "completely
ignore the server side drivers and use a local one."

> I have tried removing the directive - and I immediately get back the
> "access denied" status in the windows printers and faxes window, just as
> the man pages suggest I should. Since removing the directive (and
> restarting samba) I have tried again to upload the drivers - but the
> result is the same. It goes through the motions - and doesn't give an
> error - but still uploads to the c:\windows..  on the client rather than
> the print$ share on the samba server.

You don't say how you're doing this -- this might be part of the
problem. You may also have said before, but is this a domain, or just a
workgroup? That may make a difference.

> Thanks for your references too Dale - but my "Access Denied" error is
> seen on the printer and fax status window - rather than when trying to
> upload drivers. I do not get any errors when uploading the drivers. They
> just go to the wrong place. No doubt when I get them going to the right
> place - I may then need to resolve the privileges issue. I will however
> have a good browse of the howto link you provided.
> I guess it does appear that the "use client driver" is preventing me
> from uploading the drivers. Can anyone suggest the best way around this?
> There are a few linux drivers around for the printer - but they all seem
> to have problems. Can I install a linux driver - but not use it and
> still use the windows client side drivers. Will this overcome my problem
> - and allow me to upload the Windows drives to the linux share?


> Alternatively - can I run the system with a "raw" mode linux printer -
> but avoid the "use client driver". Is there some other way to get rid of
> "access denied" errors - or can I just ignore them? In this case - with
> no linux driver installed - can I still upload windows printer drivers?

Yes. Not knowing really what you did wrong (you may very well have said
but I did not have the time to follow it), I can't really tell you, but
I can say that I followed the HOWTO and it does work as expected.

> One simple question you may be able to answer: Is it the presence of the
> "use client driver" directive or the absence of the linux driver which
> prevents me from uploading? My tests today suggest the latter.

Linux drivers are irrelevant. Printing in Samba doesn't actually do any
printing (communicating with a physical device), it is basically like a
write-only file share with generates a spool file and passes it off to
your real printing system. Samba will then also interface with this
printing system to check printer status. You have not gotten that far,

> Many thanks again.
> Richard.
> Willy Offermans wrote:
>> Hello Richard,
>> On Wed, Jan 02, 2008 at 11:19:04PM +0900, Richard Chapman wrote:
>>> Hi. I have been following another thread describing problems
>>> uploading printer drives - but I think I have a different problem.
>>> In my case I have a Samsung CLP510 colour laser physically connected
>>> to a Centos 5.1 X86-64 Linux box with Samba 3.0251514
>>> (3.0.25b-1.el5_1.4
>>> <>).
>>> The Printer is intended to be shared by windows boxes on the network.
>>> I have installed the printer as a "raw" printer - so that windows
>>> clients use their own drivers. In order to get rid of the "Access
>>> Denied" errors in the "Printers and Faxes" status - I have put the
>>> "use client driver" directive into smb.conf.
>>> I was hoping that I could still install windows printer drivers on
>>> the Linux server so that new windows client machines would not have
>>> to find the driver elsewhere. I can't see any reason why this should
>>> not be possible. I have created the print$ share and the folders
>>> described here:
>>> http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_as_a_print_server
>>> It looks like some parts of this wiki are rather incomplete.
>>> The printer works fine from the clients now (if I provide the client
>>> driver elsewhere) - but I cannot get the drivers to load on the server.
>>> If I browse the network - from a windows client - and select the
>>> properties of the printer within the "Printers and Faxes" folder -
>>> then select "Advanced", and then select "New Driver" - it starts the
>>> "Add Printer driver" wizard. I can select the driver I want and
>>> "Finish" the wizard - but it uploads the driver to the
>>> /windows/system32/spool/drivers folder on the local client rather
>>> than the server.
>>> Can anyone tell me if I am doing something wrong - or if there is
>>> something wrong with my configuration which prevents me from
>>> uploading the driver to the server?
>>> Many thanks.
>>> Richard.
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>> If I recall correctly, then the "use client driver" directive prohibits
>> the up-/download of printer drivers from the server. Please search the
>> net to be 100% sure. I remember there was a hint about the issue in
>> `man smb.conf`:
>> <snip>
>>           use client driver (S)
>>     <snip>
>>              If  this  parameter is enabled for a printer, then any
>> attempt to
>>              open the printer  with  the  PRINTER_ACCESS_ADMINISTER
>> right  is
>>              mapped  to  PRINTER_ACCESS_USE  instead.  Thus allowing
>> the Open-
>>              PrinterEx() call to succeed.  This parameter  MUST  not
>> be  able
>>              enabled  on  a print share which has valid print driver
>> installed
>>              on the Samba server.
>>     </snip>
>> </snip>
>> Although the text: "This parameter  MUST  not be ..." is not clear for
>> 100% and rather difficult to read, it makes sense that having the
>> printer driver on the server and using the client driver at the same
>> time is ambiguous. Concerning the "Access Denied" errors, I do not know
>> what happens, after you have removed the appropriate directive in your
>> smb.conf.
>> I hope this helps.

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