[Samba] Using "include" for shares between servers

Roach, Duane droach at steelcase.com
Thu Jan 3 14:37:06 GMT 2008

Roel writes: 

> You could also move the smb-XXX.conf in or out of place, or rename
> based on whether or not that particular server is active.  The
included file 
> does not *need* to be present, it is only used if it is there.

I have been testing moving a smb-hatest.conf (net bios name =
SAMBAHATEST) in and out that is controlled by the HA software.  While
the smb-hatest.conf share (HA_Test)) becomes available I do have a
problem.  The original smb.conf (net bios name = SAMBATEST) is no longer
available.  When I try and map a drive to it show that it is not
associated with a domain.

Is it possible that the last entry in wins and that the others are over
written?  Both conf file have the realm and domains listed the same.


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