[Samba] Samba Share only works when NFS exported to another machine?

Paul Hobbs pjhobbs at dowdingandmills.com
Thu Jan 3 10:53:39 GMT 2008


We have an Areca ARC-1170 SATA RAID Controller with 6 x 1TB Seagate
Barracuda ST31000340NS drives.
These drives are configured as a raid 5 (giving a total of 4.5 TB ext3
filesystem) we have used the
64bit LBA option because our array is greater than 2TB.

This all works fine until we try to use it as a Samba share, when we try to
access the share it does
not allow access, however if we NFS export the 4.5TB filesystem to another
machine and then create the
Samba share on the other machine it works fine. Has anyone seen this before
or have any idea as to what
could be causing this problem?

Many Thanks


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