[Samba] page_count x number_of_copies

Joachim Kieferle joakie at fab.fh-wiesbaden.de
Thu Jan 3 05:33:39 GMT 2008

Fabiano Caixeta Duarte wrote:
> Hi all!
> I have a samba print server which stores information about each job. To
> accomplish this, I have set 'printing = sysv' so I can use print command.
> Print command passes to a script some info including '%c' (page_count).
> The problem is that if someone sends more than one copy of the document,
> %c doesn't tell me so.
> It means that %c tells exactly the number of pages sent to the printer
> without doing the necessary math.
> How can I know the real amount of pages sent to the printer?

Dear Fabiano,

we also had problems with the pagecount from Samba. At least some year 
ago on our printers it was more a job count.
Since those days we are using phpgcounter 
(http://www.pykota.com/software/pkpgcounter) and it has been very 
helpful. We run it as a cron-job every 3 mins. You'd have to preserve 
your printfiles by setting "PreserveJobFiles Yes" in cupsd.conf.

So - not directly an answer to a Samba question but some experience ....

Hope that helps,


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