[Samba] Re: Upgrade from SLES9 3.0.20 to 3.0.26a breaks getent

bdehn at oreillyauto.com bdehn at oreillyauto.com
Wed Jan 2 18:27:17 GMT 2008

> Hello Bob,
> I recently saw similair problems updating CentOS 4 (whitle label RE4) to 

> 3.0.25c. See tread IDMAP RID problems and documentation started on 19 
> But I didn't receive the answers I was looking for. For me, using the 
> new syntax with RID broke getent. With using this old syntax I got it 
> working. But this setup misses the BUILTIN groups and the  new 
> features......
> smb.conf snipped
>     [global]
>        idmap backend = rid
>        idmap uid = 1000-1000000
>        idmap gid = 1000-1000000
> So maybe one of the experts can shine a light on this, because it's 
> like this problems occurs on several differnt  older distro's.
> Regards,
> John
> The Netherlands

Hello John,

Thank you for the response. I also tried making changes to the idmap 
options but
it did not solve my problem. My problem was due to winbind enumeration of 
and groups. It appears that the default had changed from "Yes" to "No" 
since 3.0.20.
Once the entries were added to smb.conf, getent worked again.



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