[Samba] Still unresolved: adding printers as a non admin domain user doesn't work

kteague at speakeasy.net kteague at speakeasy.net
Thu Feb 28 22:36:32 GMT 2008

On Thu Feb 28 12:58 , Francis Galiegue sent:
> OK, I can't say I relate to what you say (obviously), but here goes anyway.

> It _was_ indeed a Windows centric problem. The solution I found was to run 
> gpedit.msc (located in system32/ from the root Windows directory) and change 
> the relevant parameter. For each machine.

It was pretty obvious that it was a local policy problem after reading the first reply on that web page you linked us.

> Which reminds me that I read many times of a central "policy" available 
> as "soon" as Samba 3.x, therefore NT-style domains, which can enforce such 
> settings at a whole domain level (a file edited with poledit). I've never 
> tried that (never needed it actually - until now, it seems).

> Does it cover such stuff as the "point and print restrictions" that I editer 
> with gpedit.msc?

If I'm understanding your question correctly (it = central policy?), this is not a Samba feature.  Samba can push out group policies, but configuring them is done using Windows utilities.

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