Miguel Gonzalez miguel_3_gonzalez at yahoo.es
Thu Feb 28 21:41:22 GMT 2008

Hi Helio,

 I recently installed the same under Debian etch. The
same configuration files from Sarge didn't work and I
had to do some tweakings.

 Anyway, you might first try to comment out the line
with valid users to see if it works with no
restrictions. If so, then you know the problem might
be there.

 Which Linux distro are you using? Samba version?


--- Helio Calaça Filho <helio.calaca at gmail.com>

> Hi everybody!
> I'm trying to implement a samba server with kerberos
> and auth on the AD. I
> installed all program and configured all. I join my
> samba on my win2003
> domain, and i did all tests to look if it was worked
> well. But when i try to
> access my samba shares with a xp station using AD
> auth, it ask a user and
> pass, but when i put it, not work.
> How can i do to configure all config files to that
> my xp station conecting
> on samba with AD auth?
> TNX !!!
> Ps.:Excuse me for my English!
> -- 
> Atte,
> Hélio Calaça Filho
> --
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