[Samba] Printing samba, cups and legacy 16 bit applications

ciro samba ciro.samba at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 17:32:09 GMT 2008

hello everybody,
I have come to a dead end.
I have successfully configured cups and samba to print from windows with
automated drivers download.
It works perfectly, but for one little problem, most of the printing here in
my company are reports printed by the ERP software, which has been developed
by ouserlves some 12 years ago in (oohh sucks) Visual basic 3.

The problem is:
Every single application prints successfully except apps developed in Vb3.
I have developed a wonderful test app with amazing 3 lines of code.

event form load
cmdialog1.action=5 'opens windows common dialog for choosing printer
printer.print time 'prints time in the upper left corner of the page
printer.enddoc 'finishes print job

the same app built with vb6 prints ok, built with vb3 does not print, and
what's worse, does not generate any kind of error, the job simply disapears.
worse than that. if i check the "print to file" option of the ps driver,
save the file with whatever name, copy it to my cups/samba server and print
it with lpr, it prints, either from vb3 or vb6.

i believe the problem is with the 8.3 filename restriction of vb3 and the
smbprn.XXXXXX filename of samba spool directory although i`m not certain of
who really creates this file, the app, the windows driver or samba itself.

i have pcap files of the network from the moment i click the ok button in
the printing dialog, But i could not make any sense out of them.

if someone could be of any help!

tks a lot

Ciro Souza

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