RE [Samba] Is there a Samba4 list that I can use?

Ernie Buford ebuford at
Thu Feb 28 15:53:32 GMT 2008

Would samba-technical also be a better place for tricky
diagnostic questions that aren't getting responses here?


Please pardon my inexperience... I've used Samba for years
but haven't delved into the lists until my recent trouble.


stephane.purnelle at wrote:
> For asking samba4 question, the best way is subscrinbing to 
> samba-technical list.
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> 28/02/2008 16:09:43 :
>> In order to get going with Samba4 I subscribed to this list.  However, 
>> I'm getting inundated with postings that are, for the most part 
>> completely, irrelevant to my needs.  I know they are all the same 
>> software, but Samba4 is almost a complete rewrite with completely 
>> different goals.  Its very tough to filter through 99.9% of the 
>> messages just in hopes of finding one that applies to your platform.
>> My question is, what is the best way to ask questions about Samba4? 
>> So far, the only thing I've found is this list and the Samba4 signal 
>> to noise ratio is way to low for me.  :(
>> Thanx!
>>    Richard
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