[Samba] [Samba to samba transfert] Timestamp problem

Hervé Richard herve at periactes.com
Thu Feb 28 08:12:24 GMT 2008

/[Same as previous mail cause previous filtered and empty]/

Hello all,

I recently did some transfer of files located on a samba server to 
another samba server.
To do this I used nautilus from the destination machine to connect to 
the source computer and initiate the transfer.
I realized then that the /date created/ and the /date modified/ info of 
the transfered files were the same as the transfer date but the original 
info from the source computer were good :-/

After a little googling I saw that it was a know problem but I didn't 
found any workaround.

If anyone could give me a hand on this it would be very kind.

Thanks in advance,


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