[Samba] net user info result depends on protocol and is not syncing with ldap

Leo von Klenze devel at leo-von-klenze.de
Thu Feb 28 07:15:24 GMT 2008


I have a samba pdc running with openldap as backend. I have ou's for
user and groups and used smbldap-populate to create the ldap entries. I
can add windows clients and authenticate but i have a problem with the
net tool (lvk is an samba user too):

	net -U Administrator rpc user info lvk

will return

	Domain Users

When running

	net -U Administrator rap user info lvk

I get


Why does only the rap protocol return the ldap groups?
The biggest problem is, that if I change the membership of a user using
phpldapadmin the result of the net tool doesn't display the change for a
long time. Restarting the samba service does not help. I don't know when
the cache (if present) of net is updated. In the log I see that samba is
contacting the ldap server.

I'm using
	samba 3.0.24
	openldap 2.3.30
	Debian Etch (Kernel 2.6.18-5-686)

Thank you for any help,
bye Leo

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